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Daylily Obsession

I have become a bit obsessed with daylilies.  You see, the front of my house bakes in the summer and I have had a miserable time finding any flowers that will grow, let alone thrive in those beds.  Lissie told me daylilies could survive anything and were insanely easy to grow so I took a chance. 

Well, I'm utterly smitten and am constantly trying to create new beds so I can have even more lilies.  Poor Brien. :oP

What follows are the daylilies that have bloomed or are currently blooming in my yard. 

I have no clue what that sweet little daylily up there is.  What I can tell you is it's a rebloomer that first blooms early. 
This one is Bitsy.  Bitsy has tall scapes (about 24") but teeny little blooms.  It is a prolific rebloomer and I typically have Bitsies blooming from March to October.

This was a new addition last fall.  This beauty is a Siloam Nugget.  She is a delicious golden color that did not photograph well at all.  She's short and squat but oh so lovely.

And, every once in a while, she'll throw a double. :o)

This is lovely lady is Little Strawberry Shortcake.  The scapes are short, but the blooms are nice sized.  It's a great daylily for edging or in the front of beds.  I just love it.

This is a Red Volunteer.  We have a TON of red daylilies since Lil helped select them and she's a bit of a fiend for red. ;o)

Oh how I love love LOVE this one.  This is Strawberry Candy.  I love the color, I love the ruffles, I love the blooms, I love the height, I love everything about it. :o)

This is Frankly Scarlet.  She's RED RED RED.

This is Pardon Me.  She's up front and is a nice rebloomer.  The blooms are a bit on the smallish side, but it is a lovely daylily.

This is my Miss Amelia.  She's out front as well, and has just started blooming.  She has tall scapes and can be a light yellow to almost white.  Mine is more yellow.  She is also a rebloomer (in fact, I purchased the "Rebloom Collection" from Oake's and planted them out front.  More bang for the buck, you know. ;oP).

This is Chorus Line. She's a rebloomer as well, and a lovely pink.  Most of the pinks I have (I purchased the "Pretty in Pink" collection) are rather coral-y, but this one is PINK.

This is such a pretty little daylily.  She's Lullaby Baby and she has the loveliest sparklies (diamond dust or some such I believe) and ruffles.

Rootin' Tootin' Red.  How could I pass up a flower with such a name?  Lily, of course, loves it.

This is Scarlet Romance.  Another lovely red.  I've had to be careful deadheading the reds as the spent blooms will stain anything they touch.  Lil has used them to "paint" the fence.

Strawberry Candy again.  I did mention I loved it, right?  Look at the color on that ruffle!

This is Mae Graham and is the first year she's bloomed for me.  She is a coralish pink and so pretty.  It turns out I'm a sucker for a ruffled edge. Who knew?

And here's Corryton Pink.  This is the first year she's bloomed as well.  In fact, I'm anxiously awaiting all my pinks to see how they do.  She's a more peachy pink.

Oh goodness, I can't remember this one.  Drat! Something red, though. ;o) 

Oh my stars am I in looooooove with this lovely lady.  This is Autumn Wood and she is a stunner.  Her scapes are short, but this is a big bloom.

And, look at the multi-color on those petals.  This is my first year with this beauty and I'm so happy I splurged.  I had a couple Groupon deals and free shipping otherwise it NEVER would have happened.  I'm el cheapo when it comes to ordering daylilies. ;o)

This was my freebie from the Oake's Daylily Festival last year.  She too is rather peachy/coralish but wow, what an eyezone!

She was put in Lil's garden of Frankly Scarlets and seems to be holding her own. ;o)

Lily's garden.  Those Frankly Scarlets are so very red.  They look almost velvety and are so stunning. 

I'm still awaiting a number of pinks and will post after they bloom. 

Lissie, the girls and I are all heading to the Daylily Festival again this year.  I'm dying to place an order before we go so I can pick them up there--they give you the BIGGEST plants!--but I have no clue where I'd put them.  It's official, I'm obsessed. :o)




Jess said...

Chorus Line really does look way more pink here than it does in the Oakes catalog. I'd almost decided on her for planting in the fall! I just can't do pink-pink.

Autumn Wood - *swoon*. She's totally going somewhere even if that means I have to dig another entire bed. :-)

Jess said...

PS - Mae Graham is catching my eye as well. Gorgeous!

Rach said...

If I could, I'd put in more Autumn Wood. They are by far my favorite. The Strawberry duo aren't far behind. :o)

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