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Vicarious Thrills For My Two Co-bloggers

Is there anything better than a small town parade? Look at that color guard. Doesn't it make you beam with pride to be an American? I'm posting this for my daughters--my co-bloggers--who did not get to attend their hometown parade.

The community band did not march, instead opting for a ride on a truck. I guess this is in deference to the older members who may not have been able to march in the hot sun. And yes, the sun was scorching hot.

The folks in this jeep passed out small American flags to the children who ran out to get them. With a small town parade it is easy to stop the flow long enough for the audience to become participants.

The only horses in this year's parade were kind enough to not mess the road with their droppings.

These VT students yelled out the original, historic cheer:

Hokie, Hokie, Hokie Hi
Tech, Tech, VPI
Sol a rex, sol a rah
Poly tech Virginia
Ray, rah, VPI
Team, Team Team!

(At least I think those are the words.)

Both political parties made their presence known.

Lots of red, white and blue were in evidence.

Only in a small town like Blacksburg would a rusted out old truck make it into a parade. I loved it!

I think anyone who wants to can join the parade, even the local Imaging Center.

Yes, I agree. Kids should play outdoors. And this area is so beautiful and safe, I'd like to see more kids doing just that.

The political opposition was represented, too.

Lots of trucks were in the parade, most for local businesses.

These old cars--this picture and the next two--seem to show up every year. I think kids watch for them.

There were muscle cars, of course. I liked this one because it was so patriotic. As they passed, each one would rev its engine ... just because it could.

What's not to love about an old truck?

Of course, the BT was decked out for the parade. I think buses and firetrucks and rescue squad vehicles are in parades to show us that our tax dollars buy important things.

It may be hard to tell in this picture but this entire family was decked out in red, white, and blue. The next several photos below illustrate that we are well taken care of in the safety department. I'm not sure why they do it, but if they didn't make the siren blow or beep their super-loud horns, the firetrucks would just be a bit ho-hum.

Blacksburg's mayor was in the cat bird's seat. Of course, he waved to all his constituents as he passed.

I couldn't resist including a picture of our local road sweeping machine. Like I said, only in a small town would this be in a parade.

I LOVE the American flag and it was everywhere. Happy birthday, USA! Long live small town parades!

One thing I have always loved about Blacksburg is the beauty of the Virginia Tech campus. Great pride is taken in the landscaping across the huge expanse of land on which Tech sits. Tech is a big part of what makes Blacksburg Blacksburg, a high tech community in a rural environment. So, I'm wondering why the Highty Tighties or the Marching Virginians or the football team or President Steger were not in the parade. And for that matter, where the heck was the Blacksburg High School band or the Blacksburg Middle School band?




Rach said...

I LOVE the 'burg's Fourth of July parade! I used to go with Papa or Sarah Hagedorn. :o)

I think the bands don't perform because school is out and there are no students to make up the bands.

Jess said...

Nothing much changes in small towns!

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